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 PLEASURES OF READING Pleasures of reading are pleasures of ever. One who enjoys pleasures of reading needs no other pleasures. One who is the friend of books needs no other friend. Books are our nearest and dearest friends. They are our kith and kin. We can depend upon books for the right advice at all times and climbs of life. There is nothing superior to the pleasures of reading, whether a person is young or old. Milton said, “A book is a bloodless substitute of a man.” That means a book is a full friend only it has no body and bones. But it has brains. It can give you the best and the brightest piece of an advice under any difficult circumstance. As another poet said: My days among the dead are past. Around me I behold. Wherever these casual eyes are cast, The rightly minds of old; My never-failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day. To a truly educated man, books provide the greatest of pleasures. Unfortunately, most of the people today are not properly educated. They are just literate, not educated. They have no love for books. They begin to hate books after they get through the examinations, by hook or by...
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PLEASURES OF READING Francis Bacon wrote ‘Reading maketh a full man’. Who would not like to be full i.e., perfect. Perfection is the aim of man. He takes pleasure in being called perfect. Reading makes a man sophisticated and cultured. The more studious a man is the more civilized he is. He acquires knowledge. As Lala Har Dayal, the great patriot said knowledge is a vast orchard full of sweet fruits and flowers. The man who enjoys reading enjoys these sweet fruits. He can’t have a greater pleasure from any other source. Reading newspaper is rather a craze to many. They derive the greatest pleasure from it in the morning hours. They relish it more even than the breakfast. Chit chat on the morning news is rejoiced by the people throughout the day. Spicy news is like hot cakes. Then there are magazines in almost all the languages which have material for the children, the romantic young men and ladies, the old men who would like to feel young and the ladies who would swim in the stream of fashions through magazines for the beaus.  Then there are people who do not want to think. They believe ‘the book thinks for me’. They read books to lessen their mental...
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Essay Writing Topics on PLEASURES OF READING

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PLEASURES OF READING Our daily routine is so mechanical and boring that we get tired and tense. A hobby refreshers us and make us peaceful and loving. A hobby is anything you love to do without any pressure. Reading is my favourite hobby. Whenever I find leisure, I take pleasure in reading. I read all sort of book ranging from light literature to tough novels. I read both the classical and romantic literature. I read different books, newspapers and magazines at different times according to my taste and mood. I find books to be my best friends. I borrow books from library. I have a good collection of books at home. I desire to make a library of my own. Really my hobby is both recreative and instructive. It adds to my knowledge, strengthens my spirit and cheers my heart. Book impart us right guidance. Therefore reading is the best hobby.