English_Master February 16, 2016 No Comments
 POLICE REFORMS It is a known fact that the image of the police has fallen into an abyss of lawlessness in recent years. People want an efficient Police which serves them in need. The poor want reforms because they are the crude victims of oppression and dictates of the powerful, rich and so they need the true services of the police for their rescue. The National Human Rights Commission demands reforms because it is overwhelmed by public complaints against the police that range from death, rape and torture in custody to the refusal to file FIR, manipulation coercion and threats to witnesses and demands for money to register, neglect or pursue a case. The Supreme Court pulled up the police for inefficiency, neglect and corruption prevailing in many cases and passed serious strictures against the functioning of the police. Despite demands from all quarters and necessity to reform the Police force, no concrete or resulting action has so far initiated by any government since independence. Paradoxical all it appears, that a country which so emphatically threw off the British yoke is satisfied to be ruled by a colonial Act, whose main objective was to subjugate the population. Every successive government avoiding so far the necessary reforms in police force...
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