Essay Writing about POLITICIANS OF TODAY

Jose John April 17, 2016 No Comments
POLITICIANS OF TODAY Far away from a disciplined group of the nation it is an army of irresponsible shrieking devils inside and out of the law making institutions — the parliament and the state legislatures. In the biggest democracy of the world they have made these law making bodies just a mockery. Let there be a difference on an issue these sharks start struggling in the troubled waters. They always try to have some issue or the other against the government to cry like a spoilt childrushing to the well of the house not allowing even the speaker to say anything. Instead of having a debate on the issue they quarrel like street dogs barking at one another. Gujarat, of course, was a serious issue. After the burning and death of Sabarmati Express near Godhra railway station caused by some hooligans of minority community there was retaliation throughout Gujarat. More than 700 people were killed. Riots broke out not only in big cities like Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Bharuch and in smaller towns like Surendranagar, Modasa, Viramgam but even in rural areas. It was all done by the politicians of different hue. Congressmen played a big role by arousing the sentiments of the people. It was a BJP...
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