Politics and Students: Essay Writing

English_Master August 4, 2016 No Comments
Politics and Students We live in a democratic country. For the success of a democracy, the role of political party is very important. Should students be active in politics is a question has been discussed many times. All of the people agree that students should keep themselves away from politics. Professional politicians say that today’s students is tomorrow’s citizen and that he should be well aware of how the govt, behaves and how it can be made to behave in a better way. Students should know about their environment too, not only what is taught in the class room or gain in their books. A half century ago, a politician preached what he believed to be true. He set an example of his teaching himself. Favours could not buy him. Fear had no effect on him. His sole aim was the good of the community, the society and the country. He did not want power. Now politics has become a trade, a money spinning trade. The politician is not averse to bribes. Power attracts him. He will scarify anything to achieve it. Schools and colleges provide him with innocents whom he moulds in to the shape he wants. The school parliament election provides the politicians with a chance to...
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