Jose John June 7, 2016 No Comments
POLITICS WITHOUT ETHICS IS A DISASTER Aeons ago when the halcyon days of democracy had yet not arrived,     the world was governed by kings and queens. The king with his absolute powers ruled over his subjects with the help of his ministers and governors who could be aptly termed as the politicians of those days. Then one day a minister in some province decided that he’d like to be the king himself. But how? Then he along with his followers devised a stratagem to overthrow the king and claim the throne. And after a coup and perhaps some bloodshed, the crown exchanged hands, or more precisely, heads. Thus ever since the world ‘polities’ became an antonym of ‘ethics’, history has witnessed many unethical practices in politics over the centuries. A classical instance of this can be had from the great epic Ramayana in which Lord Rama’s stepmother succeeds in sending Lord Rama, the heir-designate to the throne, into exile in order to get her son crowned as the king. Another great epic Mahabharata portrays how the Kauravas snatched the entire kingdom from the ruling Pandavas by winning a mere game of dice. However, these were bloodless change-over’s and could be justified on moral grounds i.e. honouring a word given...
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