PONGAL: Essay Writing

English_Master February 19, 2016 No Comments
PONGAL The paddy fields that waved like the waves of a green sea with every gush of wind filling the heart of the farmer with joy have mellowed to a light pale hue. With this have mellowed the generous hearts of the people to Tamil Nadu. Sun god is just ready to have a bit of change in his course bending a little to the North. Winter is just over and harvest season has set in. The season has made the people busy in the rural Tamil Nadu Men, women, children all would go to the fields to reap the harvest. Well, they have to please the sun god who has been so kind to them. They just wait for the 14th of January to offer cooked rice to the god on the Pongal day. Since rice is to be offered to god how it can be cooked in the Kitchen inside the house. A special arrangement is made to have a big hearth in the courtyard or some other open space to let god too see how enthusiastic the people are to make him offerings. A couple of days before the festive occasion ladies would clean and decorate the whole house with festoons. It must all be over...
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