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POPULATION STABILISATION INDIA’S BIGGEST CHALLENGE The first meeting of the reconstituted National Commission on Population was held in New Delhi on July 23, 2005 with Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh presiding. The meeting was held after a gap of five years. The indifference to a debate and a decision on a vital subject that concerns the future of the country was demonstrated by the fact that of the seven Chief Ministers invited; only Mr. Babulal Gaur of Madhya Pradesh attended. Bihar Governor was however present, but the ‘best performing’ Kerala and ‘low performing’ Jharkhand did not even care to send a representative. A child is born every two seconds in India and by the end of a day approximately 42,434 newborns join the burgeoning population force! Can we afford to provide enough food, jobs, schools, housing, water supply and other basic needs to the increasing number of people in the villages and cities? We know we cannot afford it, but still we don’t have the political will to take concrete measures to stem the demographic tide. Population beyond the sustainable limit perpetuates poverty, child labour, school dropouts, malnutrition, infant mortality, child morbidity, maternal mortality, proliferation of slums and rise u communicable diseases. India’s population as on March 1,...
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