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PORTRAIT OF THE INDIAN POLITICIAN Politics is much too complex a phenomenon for anyone to think of it or describe it in straight lines, and since the vast and ever-growing tribe of politicians practices this art; they too seldom act or plan straight. They are not what they seem, and they seem what they are not. Jawaharlal Nehru was himself a politician; apart of course from being a great has statesman, thinker, philosopher and a man of letters. But he was frank enough to concede that politicians usually hide their real reasons and the talk pompously of religion, justice, the truth arid the like. And still the great majority of the people are taken in by the soft, deceptive talk of politicians. No wonder, this tribe generally proves a roaring success in; today’s gullible India, where the vast majority of the masses are illiterate and highly credulous. The typical Indian politician is a man without principles and without scrapples of any kind; he is an opportunist par excellence. He changes his colours like the chameleon. Loyalty, sincerity and honesty are as far removed from him as the earth is from the sky. It is true that a politician has to deal with human beings and not with stones and steel;...
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