English_Master March 23, 2016 No Comments
POWER CRISIS IN INDIA Last week, as the temperature soared to 47.2 degrees to make it the hottest day of this summer, most parts of Delhi sweated the day and night out without power for over 10 hours. Over 1,400 km away, suburban Mumbaikars were playing the waiting game for the monsoon and for power, which was switched off for over seven hours. In IT and BPO hot-pot Gurgaon, diesel gensets are not the backup but the source of power on most days. Being powerful is no guarantee of get­ting power there is no escape for residents of a swish colony, home to top notch politicians and Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s daughter-in Gurgaon either. The saga of eight-nine hours of powerless play has an echo up north in Jammu as well, even though it is hardly a buzzing commercial town. To the inescapable certainties in a day-sunset and sun­rise-India has added power-cuts. The country is in the grip of a crippling electricity crunch that is worsening by the hour and gets heightened every season. The peak- hour demand is 100715 MW of which 86818 MW is met. The massive gap of 14 per cent or 13897 MW could power two states: Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Worst affected...
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