Jose John June 6, 2016 No Comments
PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECTS Nature in its various forms is perfection in itself. Man or any living being is an entity of this nature where life strives hard to attain or fetch its livelihood. Man has his own means to meet the ends of livelihood. Ends are usually defined as goals in materialist and spiritual form. Materialistic ends like food, clothing and shelter require means like earning money. Spiritual ends are perfection of human qualities, which reflects human nature. To meet these spiritual ends, man needs practice as means. Practice, can be defined as taming one’s mind soul and body to certain activities uniformly aimed at achieving certain requirement more smoothly and satisfactorily. This universal satisfaction in certain achievement can be defined as perfection. Human attributes like faith, determination, confidence and emotions when complemented with practice lead to perfection when we speak of determination as a human quality. Our memory dates back to mythological era where we learn about the resolute determination of Eklavya who was denied education by Droncharya. In spite of racial discrimination and denial of education his determination made him to learn in front of his master’s idol and this determination complemented with years of practice made him one of the most skillful in the...
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