Jose John May 8, 2016 No Comments
PREVENTION BETTER THAN CURE Health is the greatest asset a person possesses. It is an important gift by nature to us. Health is precious and every one must look after it carefully. Disease is the worst enemy of good health. There are various kinds of bacteria and viruses in the atmosphere which can attack man and make him ill. How diseases could be kept apart from affecting us. It is wise to prevent a disease rather than trying to cure it once it has already affected a person. Many medicines have been invented for the cure of almost every disease. Drugs like asprine, quinine, penicillin, etc. have been used by doctors all over the world to cure influenza, malaria, etc. Antibiotics are given by doctors to fight serious infections. However, these cures lead to various damages to the body as they have a weakening affect on the body. Hence it has often been advised that an overdose of medicines should be avoided. In fact, as far as possible, one should let nature find its own ways of curing the patient and medicines should be taken only when the patient is suffering from a violent attack of some disease. Self medication must be avoided. We must prevent any disease from...
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