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PRIVATIZATION¬†IN INDIA The idea of socialist economy of nationalization has been proved wrong. Some of the critics of nationalization called it state capitalism. But by the end of 1990 it was realized by the people of East European countries which were the breeding ground of Communism that it served the bureaucrats, dictators and generals in the armed forces. The proletariat (worker) and the common man could not get any benefit from the system. The progress of a country depends upon increase in production – in industries, agriculture services, transport, and management and communication net work. All of these can be both in the private sector and the public i.e., nationalized sector. In private sector personal interests is the driving force in small installations as well as huge concerns. In public sector it is no one’s work. With a corrupt bureaucracy and slumbering management one may not work at all, may not add a single penny of the G.RP. and no one minds it for all sail in the same boat. A private doctor remains in his clinic from morning till evening. A doctor in Public Health Service may visit the dispensary once a weak. It has created a vast army of shirkers in India. Efficiency is at a very...
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