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PROBLEMS OF WORKING WOMEN  The term ‘Liberated Woman’ has become a fashion today. The term chiefly implies a woman who is independent economically. For other things, at least in India, a woman still needs the anchor of a husband and a family. She cannot be liberated in matters of mar­riage, family, sex or other things. Otherwise she would be called a loose woman or a slut. When we consider the problems of a work­ing woman in our society, her domestic life comes to mind immedi­ately. What is a modern working woman like? A working woman today belongs to the middle or the lower middle class of society. Women in the higher echelons of society need not work for a living. If they do work, they do it only due to personal interest. Even otherwise, they do not lead much of a do­mestic life: household chores are relatively unknown to them. A middle or lower middle class working women is not at all a liber­ated woman. In fact, she has to keep struggling to sail in two boats at the same time. She has to work in an office or in an organization full-time. Often she is sniggered at; people make passes at her and criticize her work simply because...
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