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PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF LIFE Procrastination means delaying or postponing things. The work that should be done today is postponed for tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes. Take a student. If he postpones his today’s work tomorrow he would be given more work. It would be a burden on him. He won’t be in a position to do two day’s work in one day. He may be punished for it. It would be considered his negligence. What is true of a student is true of a business too. If a business- man postpones his purchases from the wholesale market or delays in the formation of the infrastructure he would lose in the market. His deify would be the gain of others. Postponing things is like a thief that would steal the very life blood of a business or an industry. At the administrative level if an officer does not take a quick deci¬≠sion his table would be loaded with a number of files. Those files take a round of four or five ministries. If they remain an every ministry for a week or two it will take a long time to execute a plan. In many cases the postponement goes for years together till a decision is taken. When...
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