Jose John June 6, 2016 No Comments
PROHIBITION-ITS IMPACT ON OUR SOCIETY “Drinking is a curse. A nation, addicted to drinking has its future completely doomed. A Government that fattens its purse by selling alcoholic drinks to its people makes prostitution of its sacred function, of making its people morally better and spiritually elevated. A nation of drunkards is a morally and spiritually dwarfed section of humanity.” Indeed, drinking has all along been the worst misfortune that has ever befallen mankind. It has been a damned curse which is responsible for the utter ruin of many a nation. The great Roman Empire, the mighty Mughal Empire and many others had been cast into oblivion of sheer degeneration under destructive and damaging impact of drinking. In almost all the religions of the world—Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism—drinking has been condemned as a sin. According to Islam, a drunkard has no place in Paradise and that his place would be in the worst part of Hell, where he would be cast into eternal fire of torture. He can never expect to be forgiven by God. Prohibition implies banning of alcoholic drinks. It was first introduced in America in 1923 but due to certain unavoidable reasons it failed completely. Then, it was experimented in China, where the Government laid special...
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