PROHIBITION: Essay Writing Topics

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PROHIBITION Prohibition means to prohibit. It has come to stand for prohibiting the drinking of wine. Almost all the religions are against the habit of drinking or preparing liquor. In the Bible it has been written more than hundred times. Prophet Mohammad considered every berry of grapes the abode of devil; Hindu saints have always been against it. In the modern days a new class has come up. George Bernard Shaw considered a drunk­ard a second rate citizen. Gorbachev the last president of the former USSR stopped the serving of Vodka (famous Russian wine) in party meetings. Individually drinking is responsible for starvation in the family. It results in quarrels resulting sometimes in suicide. Sex and violence fol­lows drinking. That is why as soon as congress ministries were formed in seven provinces (now states) efforts were made to impose prohibition. After independence prohibition was introduced in nine states. From 1946 to 1956 it was a great success. But it was found that Mumbai become a big centre of bootlegging (illegal trade in wine) ultimately a committee was formed headed by Justice Tek Chand which recommended complete prohibition from 2nd of October, 1969, But even before it Uttar Pradesh had started anti-prohibition move. Gradually, leaving Gujarat, all the states scrapped...
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Essay Writing on PROHIBITION

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PROHIBITION Healthy food and drinks bring a point a satisfaction. But intoxicants have a reverse effect. The more one drinks the more concentrated doses does he require. Indigenous wine sold under government contracts gives more satisfaction to the poor heavy drunkards who cannot otherwise afford the sophisticated rum or whisky. A festive occasion requires a still heavier dose. Besides the deaths by spurious wine otherwise too the so called quality wines eat a man slowly but surely Drinking results in a number of incurable diseases pertaining to liver, kidney, stomach and lungs. Moreover, a drunkard is lore prone to sex. It has resulted in a large number of prostitution markets in e areas where drinking is rather a rule than an exception. AIDS, that killer disease is an accompaniment of sex in the modem world. The first six cases of e fatal disease were found in the brothels (prostitution market) of Chennai. The hunger for sex among the drunkards has resulted in the development of flesh trade. Elopement of girls of different ages has become regular part of the immoral activities in the country. The incidence of apes under the effect of the evil drink has increased hundreds of times. It is said first a man drinks wine. Then...
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