Jose John August 4, 2016 No Comments
PURIFY OUR RIVERS Man settled down first in the banks of rivers. That is why ancient civilizations, they are river valley civilizations. Rivers provided man with one of the most important necessities of life i.e. water. Later become the easiest mode of transport. Early man depended on rivers so much that he believed them to be heavenly gift-River is gift of nature. When towns and cities appeared on the banks of the river, the situation changed. All the waste, including organic wastes from the factories dumped in to the rivers. Rivers once the brilliant bracelets of nature became ugly scars, they carried poison. They contained all kinds of disease germs. The Europeans were the first to realize the grewity of the situation. They immediately dirtying of river were prohibited by law. River banks were cleaned and parks appeared them. Now their rivers are their pride. The situation is true for India as far as dirtying rivers is concerned. But several rivers of India are closely related to Hindu-Mythology, so it is not easy to protect the rivers by law. Destruction of plant life on the bank has cancelled soil erosion. The soil has made the river shallow. Our former Prime minister is bent up on getting Ganga cleaned. So one of the first step should...
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