RAHUL GANDHI: Essay Topics

English_Master May 14, 2016 No Comments
RAHUL GANDHI From the start with the decision that the Congress should not contest under a UPA umbrella, it is Rahul Gandhi who has been dictating the party’s campaign. A proud mother stepped back and let the son dictate the Congress response to the electoral challenge. Neither she, nor a less trusting congress was disappointed. Sonia Gandhi and her son are sticking to the old script that has Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister and sees Rahul gradually firming his hold over the party. To help him take control of his legacy are his band of young MPs (almost all have won). Season Second of Manmohan government will see a younger and a much more experienced cabinet. In retrospect, it is of course very easy to see a method behind Rahul’s idealistic leadership. The young’s strategy of focusing on the organization instead of going for opportunistic alliances has paid off. He refused to let either mockery or ridicule from his task. His campaign of overnight sleep at Dalithouses clearly struck a deeper chord than Mayawati’s self glorifying spree of installing her own status. An amazed congress watched in delight as the lost heart land finally turned in its favour. The Congress has more than doubled its count of nine...
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