Jose John August 4, 2016 No Comments
RAIN WATER HARVESTING As you know 2/3 of the world’s land area are filled with water. In India especially Kerala is blessed with water in ancient times. But now the picture is changed. Nearly a billion people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. And if the govt, arid the community do not care, the number of those who would be badly in need of potable water could swell to a mind boggling 2.5 million in just 25 years. And more shockingly the majority of these people would be in India. So warned the former Prime Minister Vajpayee while opening a two day seminar on rain water harvesting in New Delhi on May 22, 2000. Calling for people’s participation in tackling water scarcity, the prime minister said that the center and the state alone cannot be expected to tackle the problem. He emphasized the need for anion wide people’s movement would include nongovernmental organizations Panchayat Raj institutions, business and citizens to manage country’s water resources that would include rain water harvesting as one measure that stands out for its “simplicity, efficacy and affordability”. Prime Minister’s voice must find an echo in the chords of every conscientious citizen. In water resources too we see strange paradoxes....
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Jose John April 18, 2016 No Comments
RAIN WATER HARVESTING Of the three essential things, water is equally important. But of late, the swelling population, urbanization, industrialization, illegal mining by political bigwigs, insufficient rains, high-rise buildings- all these amount to depleting of ground water level. Isn’t it a burning issue? There is a great saying about money. “Save money and money will save you.” Giving a deep thought, it is, indeed, more apt to water also. But our government does nothing to preserve the rain water that is invariably gushing down to the sea. However, by saving rain water during the rainy season, we can confront the summer season. If so, what shall one do to save rain water? It is to be done at many stages like, catchments, conduits, coarse mesh, gutters, filter and so on. To cut down expenses, charcoal system may be applied. It is made of sand, charcoal and gravel. Besides, sand filters may also be used. In this case, sand acts as the filter media. It is economical, too. In this process, the filter is used for treatment of water to make it pure. With a scant technical knowledge, one can make out the sand filter with sand placed on the top layer, gravel, again gravel, followed by boulders. First, get...
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