Essay Writing Topics about RAKSHA BANDHAN

English_Master June 6, 2016 No Comments
RAKSHA BANDHAN This is a festival of importance for Hindus. A vow to protect the right and justice in the society is taken on this festival day. The festival falls on the full-moon day in the month of Shrawan by Hindu calender and in the month of August according to English calendar. Rains cool the atmosphere. Moon light provides a pleasant and peaceful environment. In the times gone by Brahmins, sages and seers who were meek physically but mentally strong were always in need of protection from the physical danger. Kshatriyas were, the protectors of the whole society. They were always ready to use their sword in protection of the weak and wise. Gurus, well red Brahmins and men of hermitages used to tie a holy thread on the wrists of kings, brave and strong men. This thread, tied by the learned people, is a symbol of blessing and vow to their life and safety. This thread always reminded the kings and the brave to protect those who tied it on their wrists. It functioned as a safety shield, gave them strength and inspired to protect weak and uphold right and justice in the society. At present the Pundits and Purohits tie on the wrists of nobles rich and...
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