Essay Writing Topics about RAM JANAM BHOOMI

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RAM JANAM BHOOMI Ram Janam Bhoomi or Babri Masjid is a dispute of long standing. It revolves round a building in Ayodhya in the Babri Style of architecture. It consists of three rooms and a platform (Chabutra) in front of one of the rooms which was considered to be a Ram Temple, but which had no idol in it. The middle room is used by the Pujari of the Temple. It is he who recites hymns and bhajans at fixed times on the platform which is supposed to be the exact spot where Lord Rama was born. As regards the third room, it is used as a mosque but it was only rarely that anybody offered Namaz in it. Both Hindus and Muslims claim the entire structure as their own. The dispute was referred to the U.P. High Court. Then one-night idols of Lord Rama and Sita appeared in the temple and the whole dispute was activated. The High Court ordered that the door of the temple be opened to all those who want to offer prayers there. The status quo was to be maintained i.e. there was to be no new construction or alteration of existing structure till the suit was finally decided. The Muslims reacted sharply by...
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