Jose John April 18, 2016 No Comments
RECOLLECTION OF MY CHILDHOOD DAYS I do not lead a dark life even today. But the days bygone have own glamour. Let me enjoy the mirror of the past. No I won’t sleep till you tell me six stories-I would stick to my words. The grandma would begin the story of the sparrow that entered a granary through a hole. It took one mouthful of wheat and flew out. Then it came again. What happened after the gravary was empty? I would take years for the sparrow. I would be angry and tell her I won’t sleep till she told me the story of the ‘sleeping beauty’. She would put her hand on my head and start “There was a beautiful princess whose whole palace was changed into gold. The story would continue so was my sleep. ‘It is seven. Tea has been served on the table, and you are still asleep.’ Comes the stern voice of my father. He again asked, ‘Have to him done your home work.’ ‘Why are you so strict to him? He remained awake till eleven to finish his work’, said my mother. ‘Not to finish his work but to enjoy the T. V. serial’ came the harsh voice “ask him, ask him!’ Mama...
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