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RELIGION AND POLITICS The question of interference of religion in politics has father become a non issue. In a large number of countries religion has became an integral part of politics. Most of the counties have a state religion and the religious dignitaries rule the roost directly or indirectly in deciding the political issues. The secularism of United Kingdom evaporated the day forces of Roman Catholic Church of Ireland fought against the hegemony of the protestant led forces of England. A Khomeini returning to power would not bring religious interference in the governance of Iran; he would run the whole administration of the state according to the dictates of the Shariat as interpreted by the Shiyas while even a beleaguered Saadat runs the race of armaments in Iraq under the banner of Sunni superiority. Call it justified or unjustified as soon as the Communist cover of secularism is lifted from the republics known as the USSR They turn to religion. The pro Islamic forces in Kazakhstan the second biggest republic of Soviet Russia bring pressure on the secular minded Soviet President who voted in favour of Pakistan an Islamic State and against India, an old friend of secular Russia in the IIN.O. It may look strange but is a...
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