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RELIGION IN MODERN WORLD¬† Religion has lost much of its significance today; whether religion was created out of some sort of necessity or policy at a certain period of history, or it has existed in some form or other since time immemorial nothing can be said in this connection with certainty. Even a correct definition w religion is not possible. It is most difficult to define religion. It might be the creation of an imaginative mind, who thought of creating religion to mislead the innocent, the less developed minds, in order to serve some selfish motive. No doubt the great spiritual leaders, the great mast who preached goodness and nobility and philanthropy were great souls but they had nothing to do with the religion, not a single great man had any notion of ‘religion’. No spiritual leader had ever wanted to found anything that goes by the name religion. The supreme sentiments of love, selfless service, philanthropy, mercy, generosity, hospitality, charity – none of them formed, forms a part of religion. Religion is supposed to be an abstract agent inspiring the highest imaginable ideology and noble acts and noble words and deeds but there is nothing of mat sort in them (religion); rather the religions are nothing but heaps...
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