Essay Writing about REMEMBERING GOD

Jose John June 8, 2016 No Comments
REMEMBERING GOD Almost all of us believe in God as our creator, our benefactor, our all-in-all. Yet we do not devote any time in worshiping or even in remembrance. And whenever we do, it is because we need something.  In a crisis, when all remedies fail, even the non-believers turn to God for help. Is it right to remember him only in times of need? How much more helpful and affectionate would God be were we to remember him without seeking anything from him? Perhaps we do not know how; perhaps we find the recognized methods such as deity worship in temples or at home, too cumbersome and irritable. It is our good fortune that for this age of Kaliyuga, the Lord in his compassion has extended to us his otherwise inaccessible self through his name. The scriptures have laid down a very practical, easy and enjoyable method of remembering and worshipping God and that is, by chanting his holy name. If done consistently and sincerely with love and devotion, there is little else that one need to have his grace. Some scholars undervalue the Efficiency of naam-japa as it appears too easy and regard it as an inferior method meant only for those unable to take to other...
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