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RESERVATION IN PRIVATE SECTOR The basic concept of providing reservation to downtrodden social groups called schedule castes and schedule tribes, initially through our Constitution have altogether changed now. Reservation might have provided some relief to the people from the poor and downtrodden sections that had scarce opportunities but the same could have been provided through subsidized better education and other support services. Once a concession or any kind of privilege is extended to a particular class, it is impossible for any government to withdraw it in a democracy where voting decides the fate of any party. Indian democracy is called by some thinkers as mob-cracy, where the illiterate mob, decides the fate of the political parties. The privilege of reservation was extended repeatedly as withdrawing this privilege means definite removal of the ruling party from the power in the next election. The opposition party or other regional parties assure to grant the privilege if voted for power. This issue of reservation has become a political concession to garner vote banks. Reservation in government jobs was opposed many times by other classes and not justifiable after such a long time of independence. Reservation means jobs to the inefficient and the incompetent at the cost of other competent and more efficient...
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