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RESERVATION The Reservation policy in India has been vehemently criticized throughout the country. There was such a revolt against it in Gujarat that educational institutions remained closed for a year. All students were promoted to the next class without examinations. It resulted is permanent deterioration in the standard of education in that state. Such move­ments have also created prolonged bickering between the people of sched­uled castes and tribes and others. The gulf has resulted in a large number of murders in the Hindi belt, especially in Bihar. It is the people belonging to the Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes who suffer the most. The people belonging to the so called upper castes complain that although they are highly educated they do not get a job while people having lesser rank in education secure jobs. Apparently the complaint seems correct. But statistics show that a large number of jobs reserved for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are filled by others. It has not been possible to find candidates having the required qualifications from among these castes and tribes. They can ill afford to have degrees in the latest specialized subjects. Most of them become clerks and peons. When they are promoted to upper ranks it is grudged. So to some...
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