Jose John August 4, 2016 No Comments
REVERSING THE BRAIN DRAIN What is ‘Reverse Brain Drain’? Reverse brain drain which refers to the migration issue, whereby human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed country that is developing rapidly, which is commonly defined as ‘brain drain’. It is also termed as a logical outcome of a calculated strategy, where migrants accumulate savings, also known as remittances, and develop skills overseas that can be used in their home country. Reverse brain drain can occur when scientists, engineers or other intellectual elites migrate to a less developed country to learn in its universities, perform research or gain working experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in their home country. These professionals then return to their home country after several years of experience to start a related business, teach in a university or work for a multinational in their home country. Significance Highly educated children of immigrants in the US are moving back to their native countries in growing numbers. The homeland their parents once fled from has now become economic power and a source for opportunities. Some arrive to the US as children and become citizens later, while others are born in the US to immigrant parents. For generations,...
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