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RIGHT AND DUTIES GO TOGETHER “The rights and duties are wedded to each other. The biggest rights in the world are achieved through service and sacrifice.” Today’s world is another great mire in the ominous darkness of which one only hears confused protestations and cries of alarm to ensure each one’s rights. Old and young, high and low, men and women all clamour for their rights unmindful of any genuine reason for the same. Factory workers demands to be liberated from the oppression of the authority. Old men complain that no right is guaranteed to them and that they are being discarded as an invalid gentry. So much so that school children are no longer prepared to tolerate parental authority and the tyranny of the elders. Claiming for one’s rights may be an expression of increased awareness of one’s responsibility towards the society but, the expression does not acquire fully fledged meaning unless demand for rights is duly supplemented by an equal response to one’s duty. An individual who is careful in fully exploiting his rights is naturally inclined towards performing his job well. For, rights arise from one’s sincere discharge of duties. And it is this balancing of rights and duties that establish relationship between man and the...
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