English_Master August 31, 2015 No Comments
ROLE OF PARENTS IN EDUCATING A CHILD Getting a child into public school is a billion dollar question and real nightmare experience for the parents. Our public schools are always in the lime light with the onset of the admission season. Parents believe that these schools provide good moral education to their children to become good human being in life. As soon as the admission is over, the parents casually ignore their role in the upbringing of a child. Parent’s duty does not end by sending kids to school at early dawn, collecting them and sending them to tuition and finally make them sit in front of the so called idiot box. The child has to be mentally and morally educated besides being physically educated. The parents are to be blamed for their eagerness to put their child in the school, which has a name. There are many schools, which are not a famous as others, and the children of those schools also do very well. The parents should give sufficient time to their children and seek for the possibility where their children can do the best even if they are not admitted to these famed schools.