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ROLE OF POLITICAL PARTIES IN INDIA Democracy has three aspects-social, economic and political. Political aspects refer to a system in which every adult has some share. It is a government in which the will of the majority prevails. The real image of democracy is not perfectly clear even today. Karl Marx claimed himself be a true democrat. Hitler and Mussolini called their regimes real democracies. Hence many politicians today observe that democracy thus came to mean so many different things that it needs careful analysis. It is a word with many meanings and some emotional colour. A true democracy stand for a social order in which every person is assured of justice – social, economic and political, liberty of thought expression believe faith, worship, equality of status and opportunity. The most important aspect of a democracy is economic. Means of production and distribution are so arranged that the differences between the rich and poor are kept to the minimum. The success of democracy depends on manufactures, mainly a multiparty system in which political parties pledged to one or another set of ideology for which they work. Party system is the only system which makes democratic govt, feasible. Parties have alignment in keeping with the interest of a country. In...
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