Jose John April 19, 2016 No Comments
SAVING OUR ENVIRONMENT – AN S.O.S. DISTRESS CALL     Said the great mind, Leibniz, “The present is great with the future!” It is more pertinent now as every nation is screaming its head off for a common cause. And that is the depletion of the ozone layer! The need of the hour is listed below. We enjoy our ancestor’s property, culture, trees planted by them, their indelible high moral values, teachings and many such things. But what is our contribution for our next generation? Try this checklist. It is pertaining to global warming, an alarming issue about the depleting ozone layer and how to keep it alive, and thereby help our next generation. Use the public or private transports when commuting to schools and colleges. To visit a short distance, use bicycles and not 2 wheelers or cars. This way you can reduce smoke emission. Put out lights and other similar things when not in use. Plant more saplings. Besides shadows, trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Save more water by fewer methods. Do not keep the wash basin tap open when shaving or brushing your teeth. Shower bath is best. It has been experimented that by using showers more water can be saved. Make sure that only...
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