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SCENE AT RAILWAY STATION Whenever we take the name of railway station it creates a scene in our mind that it is a place where trains are coming and going, noise is everywhere. It is a very lively place. We see an activity there at all times. A big station always remains crowded and small remains calm and noise-less. Outside the railway station building, we can see ton-gas, rickshaws, taxis, and private vehicles waiting for the passengers. Porters look busy in lifting the luggage of the passengers. There is always a great rush before the ticket windows. Everybody seems in hurry to enter the platform. Inside the building there are waiting rooms where people take rest till the trains come. The whole platform is seen full of hawkers, staff and public. Passengers sit here and there and talk with each other. From the main gate passengers come in and go out. Some wait for their friends and relatives. Some are seen at the bookstalls, some at tea stall, children eating ice creams, some smoking biris and cigarettes, some chewing beetle and spitting on the floor. Many rustic ladies are seen in their rustic dress, peeping out of long veils on their faces and feeding their little babies. Hawkers make...
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