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SCIENCE – A MENACE TO HUMANITY This modern age is called the age of science. Science has brought great changes in the life of man. It converted much impossibility. Science gave electricity, electronics, telephones, aeroplanes and several other things for pleasure and comfort of man. It has minimized suffering and increased happiness of man. Science is also responsible for human misery in many ways. Science through industrialization and mechanization brought urbanization, unemployment and unequal division of monetary benefits. Rich have grown richer and poor became poor. The mankind has been divided into haves and have-nots or rich and poor. The poor toil more and rich enjoy more. This unequal balance of humanity is due to science. Science is responsible for wars and deadly modem weapons like long range remote control and radar guided missiles, poisonous gases, biological weapons, atom bomb, hydrogen and neutron bombs that can destroy the whole of the world population and the world in few seconds only. Such weapons are amassed by superpowers in greater number. The recent star war projects developed by America to prove its superiority in a deadly menace to the world peace. When the different nations in the world stall their mad frenzy of arm race is not known. Today the whole...
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