Essay Writing Topics on SCIENCE AND GOD

Jose John November 16, 2015 No Comments
SCIENCE AND GOD The concept of god too has been undergoing a radical change in the modern world. Science may not remain behind in joining hands with religion. The tensions are created by science have brought man back to god. Science has led man to the mysteries of electronics, neutrons and protons. An atomic fission results in the diffusion of unlimited energy. Once diffused abruptly man has no control over it. Man has reached only some space around the earth. What is beyond that? -Innumerable sun, planets and other bodies. Cam man has a say in the functioning of this universe? No! Then what sustains the balanced of the Galaxy? Scientists are gradually coming to the view that all this is manifestation of energy in a balanced manner. This is just less than a drop in the vast sea of energy in the galaxies. The energy is infinite-infinity is zero. Zero has no dimension. Everything in the word is a manifestation of this energy in one shape or the other. Religious thinkers in the Vedic and Vedantic cult too think that God is infinite and manifests himself in different shapes in the universe. The physical existence of man is transitory and the manifestation of God in him in the...
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