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SCIENCE AND HUMAN HAPPINESS Ours is the age of science. The contribution of science to human happiness is by no means small. Borders of human knowledge have been pushed forward in all directions. Man’s working capacity, in all fields has enormously increased. It is by virtue of scientific knowledge that man has performed stupendous tasks. Man has explored the bottom of the oceans, conquered the high mountains, stepped on the moon and now hopes to set foot on the other planets also. Science has given sophisticated instruments to man for research and the deadly weapons of offence and of defence. Transport and communication have become extremely easy. Time and distance have been almost annihilated. Radio, TV and now Internet have made it possible to know many things of the importance that happen in any part of the globe.Radio television, cinematograph provide entertainment and knowledge. Two powerful agents – steam and electricity have revolutionized the world. The two grand servants, electricity and steam have accomplished mammoth tasks for men. Electricity is working wonders. Electricity is a magic-hand maid. It has given in our hands the lamp of Aladdin; with the help of it we run our water coolers, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, radios, televisions,typewriters, printing machines, computers...
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