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 SCIENCE AND PEACE Henry Becquerel discovered the properties of Uranium. Then he could not have the idea of destroying the world, no doubt. It is the men in power or more precisely, the politicians that determine the fate of the existing humanity and turning science to fight with peace. None of the scientists has ever advocated filling the arsenal with nuclear weapons. But it is others who commercialize the discoveries and inventions to meet their needs. The twenty second century child will not be in a position to imagine a world without electricity. It has become a part of our life. Without electricity even a housewife cannot cook. Power failure creates confusion and chaos. There is no peace without electricity. For that reason how can Edison or science are blamed? If science disturbs peace, man van better remain in the jungles as tribes. Saying that science and peace can never go together is, of course, a foolish argument. It is none else but man that has misused the scientific inventions. It was not the scientists who invented the atom bomb that piloted the bombers to drop the atom bomb in Hiroshima and Naga Saki. The fear among both nuclear and non nuclear groups of their survival compels them to...
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