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SCIENCE-BLESSING OR A CURSE? Science is one of the greatest blessings for us today. We live in an age of science. Humanity enjoys some of the best comforts of the present-day world to the development of swift means of transport. Railways on land, ships on sea and aeroplanes in the air enable us to travel from one place to another in the shortest possible time. Journeys now take only a few hours. Travel has become rapid and comfortable. We swim like fish in water and fly like birds in air. Space flights are today opening new vistas to mankind. Interplanetary travel may one day become a reality. Besides this, the discovery of electricity and the diversity of ways in which it is being used have revolutionized life. Electricity is being used in homes, in offices and in factories. Electric fans, electric lamps, electric heaters and score of other electrical appliances have made life easy. Electric power has replaced human labour in numerous ways. The inventions of radio and television contribute greatly to our entertainment. Telephones and telegraphs provide us the swiftest possible means of communication. Science has also reduced physical suffering. Cures and remedies have been invented for most of the dangerous body ills. Surgery has made a remarkable...
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