Essay Writing about SCIENCE & CIVILIZATION

English_Master August 3, 2016 No Comments
SCIENCE & CIVILIZATION Well civilization is not the synonym of culture. Do not get confused. Culture flows as the innate peculiarities that hold a nation, sometimes for centuries. It does not change every now and then. It may if a country is devastd by long wars or remain slaves for very long time as is the case with many African countries. These too the cultural background is mixed with European culture. Civilization changes as the condition in the country and the world change. There is always change in the norm of civilization with scientific development. We can say that science and civilization as the two banks, between which the river of national aspirations flows. They develop with the development in the aspiration of a country or the world at large. We have the civilization of the Stone Age. The stones are changed into different shapes. The scientists of the age prepared their own arm and ammunition from stones. Civilization and science both were in their initial stages. The relics of Mohenjo-Daro tell of us of a different civilization much advanced than that of the Stone Age. The scientists of this age made brick houses, tanks and many other things. Both science and civilization had developed. Look back to the...
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