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SCIENCE IS NOT ENOUGH Science in the modern sense is hardly three centuries old. Three hundred years is a very short period in the life of humanity but even in [this short time the applications of science, its discoveries and inventions have become the leading factors inhuman life. Every moment of man’s life, figuratively speaking, is controlled by science. Agriculture, industry, medicine, surgery, the method of warfare, means of communication, transport and human comforts have been revolutionized by science. The secrets of nature have been wrested by the scientists and the most powerful forces of nature have been harnessed for the benefit of mankind. If the ancients could rise from their graves and see the marvels of our time they would be hugely bewildered. They would cut a sorry figure in the midst of the highly civilized, mechanized, refined and sophisticated life of today. We have come to take the inventions of science for granted. But if we could travel back, say with the time machine of H.G. Wells, we should find life in the past a dull and drab affair. The primitive man had to bear heat and cold resignedly. He had to fetch water from a distant spring or fountain. He had to work hard in the...
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