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SCIENCE IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF CREATIVE ART Generally, when we talk of science we put it against art; whereas science exercise our brain muscles, art warms and tickles the cockles of our heart Scientific discoveries and inventions are made in the laboratories; but the artist must feel or sense the picture he is about to paint or the piece of music he is about to compose; first within his own heart. But this distinction between science and art is illusory and must vanish on second thought. Most of the scientists have an artistic approach even to the scientific problems. The emotional makeup of the scientists is evident from the story of Archimedes. When the principles of hydrostatics flashed in his mind he rushed out into the street with nothing on—crying: “Eureka, eureka” (I have found, I have found). In fact, the scientist is one with sculptor, the architect, the musician, the poet, the painter and the dancer in the self-imposed discipline, which perfects, refines and polishes his outlook and personality. Both the scientist and the artist have to bear the cross and make supreme sacrifices like the martyrs and philosophers of old. Whereas science has given birth to the atom bomb, which may spell disaster for humanity, it...
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