Essay Writing Topics about SECULARISM IN INDIA

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SECULARISM IN INDIA “I do not expect India of my dreams to develop one religion, i.e., to be wholly Hindu or wholly Christian or wholly Mussalman, but I want it to be wholly tolerant, with its religious working side by side with one another” On paper India is unquestionably a secular state with secure constitutional guarantees for all citizens. Yet at a social and politicallevel secularism seems an abstraction. There is a serious contradiction between the secular goal of the Indian Constitution and the growing communalism of its polity. Secularism cannot be defined without relating it to the socio-political context. What is true in the western context may not be necessarily valid in Indian context and vice versa. Secularism in philosophy and politics is religious and scared forms and practices in favour of rational assessment and decision-making. Western dictionaries define “secularism” as the absence of religion, but Indian secularism means a profusion of religions, none of which is privileged by the state. Secularism in India does mean irreligiousness rather it means multi-religiousness. However Indian society was very different from the European society in its socio-religious structure and could not, therefore, imitate the eastern model of secularism. It had to evolve its own experimental context. Since there was not any...
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