Short Essay about Sex Education -the need of the hour?

Jose John May 12, 2016 No Comments
SEX EDUCATION -THE NEED OF THE HOUR? There are some issues pending with the government. The solution could not be found for them due to many setbacks. For example, implementing Mandal Commission Recommendations, revealing the Jain Commission Report, Ram Sethu issue, Separation of Telengana State and the like. Such unanswered issues are called “Pandora Box.” A box containing all evils in the world! If opened, it would be a never ending problem, but give a backfire! This name Pandora Box is figuring in the Greek Mythology. Among the list, there is one: incorporating sex education in the schools. This topic was debated and discussed for over 20 years. But no solution is found yet, because of the complications involved in it. There are deep divisions between the masses. While one section welcomes it, another puts a barrier. Is it the need of the hour? It may be considered in schools where one gender only studies and not in the co-education schools. That would be embarrassing to the girl students and their parents. Those who welcome it say that it is to raise an awareness about how the gullible girls are sexually exploited and thereby, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) and AIDS. Now this topic emerges once again....
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