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SHAOLIN TEMPLE – A UNIQUE SCHOOL It was the Kung fu fight in the 70s by Bruce Lee that took the world by storm! Then many movies were made in the name of Shaolin Temple. Just what kind of a temple is it? A sneak-peep! Punctuality, obedience, respect for others, strict discipline, eating habits and sleeping patterns, six hours non-stop hard exercises daily from 6 a.m., practicing flying somersaults, breaking bricks with head and wooden staffs over their outstretched arms are some of the basic and advanced training given for a learner here, in the 1520 year old temple dated back to 550 AD, located in China! First it was Bruce Lee’s movie, “Enter the Dragon,” that wiped out Hollywood’s gun culture. Then “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.” Later, many movies have come out in a steady stream with the name Shaolin figuring in them and ran to packed houses. Shaolin refers to ‘Young Forest,’ because it was in 549 AD that the Buddhist monks had cleared the stretch of the forest and planted saplings there before they built the ‘Temple.’ There is a controversy that Kung fu originated in India! Previously there were two kinds of learners here: the Martial monks and the Buddhist monks. Now it went...
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