English_Master February 12, 2016 No Comments
SHOULD STUDENTS BE  ALLOWED TO GRADE THEIR TEACHERS The educational field is suffering from the lack of quality and lack of desired standard. Luck of training and insincerity among the teachers, their high absenteeism rate has made it necessary to think over about the system of their effective evaluation. Many argue that the teachers should be evaluated by the students themselves. But, many argue against the notion. Some people fear that children are not mature enough to grade their teachers and this system will hamper the teacher-student relationship and it will not, render any desirable results. Evaluation by students will be a breakthrough in maintaining quality in education, some have opined very enthusiastically. The students can tell what they did not understand, comment on lack of aids and teacher’s punctuality. The quality of a teacher can best be gauged by a student. Students can also comment on whether they are getting any time for recreational activities or extra-curricular activities. By this way not only the quality of education will improve, but also the extra money which the parents spend on tuitions and coaching’s can be saved. Furthermore, it will enhance accountability and responsibility extra-curricular activities. They will now be concerned more about the comprehension and understanding of students than...
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