Jose John April 20, 2016 No Comments
SHOVE OFF YOUR SHYNESS¬† Shyness means timid and hesitation. C. Link interprets, “While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior!” Of all the known setbacks, it is this shyness that shackles even well educated, knowledgeable boys and girls and confines them within four walls, sitting glued to the TV or staring at the lighted monitor of the PC, or fingering the mobile phones. But what is taboo in being so? Nothing taboo at all. But this aborts one’s exposure. They say that travel broadens the mind. Travelling does not mean going too far off places only. It is the experience one can gain when goes out and mixes with people of different tastes which no university in the world ever taught. Shyness, in other words, is an inferiority complex one had unnecessarily developed. It is lack of courage. If it prevents you, first, find a good friend and go out with him. With a company you need not feel embarrassed. Meet people, observe how they all behave and speak at different situations and learn. Psychologists say shy type people are good and trustworthy. Others may like them and be friendly out of pity. This is bad! Never let others sympathize...
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