SKIING: Essay Writing

English_Master May 10, 2016 No Comments
SKIING Almost everyone around the world enjoys sports in one way or another. Sports range from basketball, a team sport, to speed skating, to skiing. Sports are usually defined by the characteristics of the activity; good sports must be made of multiple strong attributes. These elements must make the sport enjoyable to all involved at many levels, to provide basic lei­sure, to test one’s abilities and to develop the individual’s mental and physical boundaries. Skiing includes all of the right elements to produce a perfect sport; it provides chal­lenge at multiple levels, involves differing levels of risk and provides variety in activities. Challenge plays an essential role in defining a sport; it provides the individual with the feeling of achievement in success. Skiing poses challenge even in its simplest founda­tions. Skiing on a poor quality hill, with icy snow and poor upkeep can sometimes create more challenge than a well-groomed slope. Skiing in the backcountry away from lifts and other people in freshly fallen snow provides an opportunity for the best of skiers to test the boundaries of their capabili­ties. Necessary to the sport of skiing, challenge plays an es­sential role but it only exists in the presence of risk. For a skier to get the feeling of danger...
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