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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF FILM-MAKERS India is one of the world’s major film producers, next only, in respect of the number of motion pictures produced, to the U.S.A. and Japan. Moreover, in a country like India where the literacy rate is only 36, the cinema and television (TV) are the best and the most effective audiovisual media; they open the flood gates of communication and heighten the effectiveness and acceptability other message sought to be conveyed. The cinema in particular is the easiest medium to reach the masses in the country because television is confined largely to the urban areas, the community reception centres in the rural areas being very limited and these, too, not in full working order. But the quality of Indian films is distinctly poor; the stories and the method of presentation of various situations are hackneyed and obsolete. They conform to a set, all-too-familiar formula, the departures being few and far between, and where certain film producers show initiative and try to present make a bold breakthrough in a bid to create pictures of great social utility, the lack of adequate responses by the audiences (poor box-office returns) act as a damper and a source of discouragement. The result is a return to commercialization, the craze...
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