Essay about SOUL POWER

English_Master May 25, 2016 No Comments
SOUL POWER The greatest men of the world have always stood alone. Take the great prophets, Zoraster, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad—they all stood alone. They had living faith in themselves and their God, and, believing as they did that God was on their side, they never felt lonely. We may recall the occasion when pursued by numerous enemies. Abu Bakr, who was accompanying the Prophet in his flight, trembled to think of their fate and said; “Look at the number of enemies that is overtaking us. What can we do against these heavy odds?” Without a moment’s reflection, the prophet rebuked his faithful companion by saying; ‘No Abu Bakr, we are three, for God is with us.’ Well-meaning efforts never go in vain, and man’s success lies only in such an effort. The result is in His hands. Strength of numbers is the delight of the timid. The valiant of spirit glory is fighting alone. Be you one or many, this valour is the only true valour. The value of the spirit cannot be achieved without sacrifice, determination, faith and humility. The history of great deeds is the history of men who had the courage to stand alone against the world. Rana Pratap, deserted by all, carried on alone a...
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