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SRI RAMKRISHNA PARAMHANSA “Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa was a great saint, a great devotee of Goddess Kali, said to have had long conversations with the Goddess Kali, like son and mother”. Sri Ramkrishna was born on 18th February, 1836 in Kamarpukur, Hoogli of Khudiram Chattopadhyay and Chandramoni Devi. He was the fourth child of his parents, after Ramkumar, Katyayani and Rameswar and a sister, Sarbamangala. Nicknamed as Gadadhar, he was a very reckless but God-fearing boy since childhood and was deeply devoted to serve the mother Goddess Kali from a young age. He was greatly inspired by the leelas of Lord Krishna and tried to imitate his feats. As a child, he was matured for his age and earned the love of all. He had an unusual memory and was interested in Hindu mythology. Once while playing the part of Shiva in the plays performed during Shivaratri, he attained Bhava Samadhi. His elder brother Ramkumar took him to Dakhineshwar to assist him in his works as a priest in the temple. In 1855, Rani Rashmoni of Janbajar offered him the job of the priest of the Goddess Kali at Dakhineshwar temple. Onlookers would crowd to see Ramkrishna performing pooja as they wanted to see the love and devotion with which...
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